About Delta File Transfer

The Delta File Transfer feature enables incremental transfer and storage of backup data. When this option is enabled, the initial backup requires transfer of the entire file. Subsequent backups require only the transfer of the parts of the file that have changed, reducing the bandwidth required and improving backup speed.

Delta File Transfer is not limited to certain programs or file types. However, you can exclude certain file types. Default excludes are configured for Delta File Transfer because these file types do not benefit from this technology. These file types are already highly compressed.

See About configuring global exclude filters in DLO.

Delta File Transfer is only used to transfer and store backup files in the network user data folder. Backup files that are stored in the Desktop User Data Folder are not stored using deltas. When a Desktop Agent user works offline, the local revisions are stored in their entirety in the desktop user data folder. When the user works online again, Delta File Transfer is used to transfer data to the network user data folder.