About using Backup Exec Retrieve with DLO

DLO can be configured to integrate with Backup Exec Retrieve, a feature of the Symantec Continuous Protection Server (CPS). Backup Exec Retrieve allows desktop users to view, search, and restore files directly to their workstation using a Web browser.

Backup Exec Retrieve is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 or later). Backup Exec Retrieve also works with other Web browsers, although screen layouts may vary.

Backup Exec Retrieve is protected by Windows-level security. Desktop users are prompted for Windows domain logon information. This information is used to restrict the files that you can view and retrieve.

If you protect a server, users of Backup Exec Retrieve can only access files and folders originally written to a share. That is, unless a folder is shared from a file server, you cannot see or retrieve the files.

To enable DLO integration with CPS, the CPS Continuous Management Service (CMS) must be installed on the same computer as the Backup Exec Media Server. Additionally, the administrator must install a Continuous Protection Agent (CPA) on each DLO file server. The CPA installation can be performed by manually running setup on each computer, or using the push-install mechanism in the CPS Administration Console. See the Symantec Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server Administrator's Guide for more information.

Desktop users can search and restore files that were backed up with DLO.

See About using Backup Exec Retrieve to restore files.