Deleting a simulated tape library

You can use the Symantec Simulated Tape Library Utility to delete a simulated tape library. Files are not deleted. You must then manually delete the content of the simulated tape library files, and then delete the directories that contain these files.

To delete a simulated tape library

  1. To stop the BERemote services, type the following command at your Linux server:

    /etc/init.d/VRTSralus.init stop

  2. To navigate to the Tape Library Simulator Utility, type the following command at the Remote Media Agent:

    cd /opt/VRTSralus/bin/

  3. To start the utility, type the following command:


  4. Select View an existing simulated tape library.

  5. Press Enter

  6. Select the simulated tape library that you want to delete, and then press Enter.

  7. Type D.

  8. Type Y.

  9. To exit the utility, type Q.

  10. To restart BERemote services, type the following command:

    /etc/init.d/VRTSralus.init start