Uninstalling the Remote Media Agent

You must have the Backup Exec installation CD to uninstall the Remote Media Agent.

To uninstall the Remote Media Agent

  1. At a Linux server, place the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive.

  2. Log on to the Linux server with root privileges.

  3. Navigate to the Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers installer on the Backup Exec CD using the following path:.


  4. To start the uninstall program, type the following command:


  5. Enter the name of a Linux server or servers from which you want to uninstall the Remote Media Agent, and then press Enter.

    When you enter multiple server names, use spaces between each name.

  6. After the Remote Media Agent package check completes successfully, press Enter .

  7. When you are prompted to uninstall the Remote Media Agent packages, press Enter.

  8. After the completion message appears, press Enter.

    The uninstallation summary and uninstallrmal log files are saved to the following locations on the Linux server:

    Uninstallation summary:

    /var/tmp/vxif/uninstallrmal<summary file 

    Uninstallralus log:

    /var/tmp/vxif/uninstallrmal<summary file 

    After the log files are saved, the Remote Media Agent uninstall is complete.

  9. Manually delete the simulated tape library files.