Publishing Macintosh computers to a media server

Macintosh computers must publish themselves to a Backup Exec media server before you can back them up. To establish communications, the Remote Agent installation program creates a configuration file named ralus.cfg on each Macintosh computer where the Remote Agent is installed. This file contains IP information that the Macintosh computers use to publish themselves to a media server, where they appear in the Macintosh Systems node in the backup selections tree.

A ralus.cfg configuration file also contains a list of Backup Exec media servers that you want to use to back up a particular Macintosh computer. Since the same Macintosh computer can be backed up by multiple Backup Exec media servers, there is no limit to the number of Backup Exec media servers that can be listed in the ralus.cfg file.

Backup Exec media server entries in the ralus.cfg file are entered using either the media server name from a naming service provider such as DNS, NIS, or an IP address.

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