Creating a Linux or UNIX logon account

On initial access of the Linux and UNIX host, a Logon Account Selection screen appears stating that the system logon account used by Backup Exec to access to the Linux and UNIX host has failed, and that access to the UNIX or Linux host is denied. To proceed, a new logon account must be created for the host using credentials that allow access to the host.


The logon account credentials you provide during the creation of logon account used during the initial access of the host are stored by Backup Exec. These credentials will be used again when making future backup selections from the Linux and UNIX host. However, if the access credentials for the host change, a new Backup Exec Linux and UNIX host logon account will need to be created in order to access the host.

Use the following steps to add logon credentials for the Linux and UNIX host.

To add logon credentials

  1. In Backup Job Properties pane under Favorite Resources, expand Linux/UNIX Servers.

  2. Double-click the desired Linux or UNIX host.

    A Logon Account Selection screen appears stating that the Backup Exec System Logon Account failed to access the host.

  3. On the Logon Account Selection screen, click New.

  4. Add the following account credentials for the host and then click OK.

    Credentials supplied for the Linux or UNIX host must have root privileges that can be authenticated by the host.

    User name

    The user name required to access the Linux or UNIX host. This name must have root privileges, which can be authenticated by the host.


    The password used to access the host.

    Confirm password

    The same password entered in the Password field, which is used to confirm the password was entered correctly in the Password field.

    Account name

    A label you enter to name the logon account.


    Pertinent notes about the account.

  5. After authenticating the credentials entered, access to the host is granted and backup selections can be made.

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