Saving configuration information for the NetWare server

Use the Bediag.nlm utility to create an ascii file called Bediag.fax that includes useful configuration information for your server.

Keep a copy of the Bediag.fax available so that if you have to contact Technical Support, you can quickly provide system configuration information.

To create the Bediag.fax file

  1. At the NetWare system console prompt, type:


    The Bediag.fax file is created.

    You can use the following options when loading Bediag.nlm: (for example, load bediag /c)

    /c - outputs the file to the screen

    /s - gathers information for SCSI devices only

    /n - exclude information for SCSI devices

  2. View the Bediag.fax file with a text editor or word processor.

    The information in this file includes the following:

    • The contents of your Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files.

    • Contents of the Startup.ncf file.

    • The amount of memory available.

    • The contents of your Autoexec.ncf file.

    • A listing of the NLMs that are currently loaded on your server, including the version numbers and the date stamp.

    • Configuration settings for your server, including volumes and individual namespace support.

  3. On the print-out of the Bediag.fax, write the Supervisor user and password.

    Keep this print-out locked in a safe place.

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