Publishing NetWare servers to the NetWare agents list

In order for Backup Exec to display a NetWare server in the NetWare Agents list, the agent must publish its existence. Or, you must manually add the servers running the Remote Agent.

When the Remote Agent is installed with Backup Exec for NetWare Servers, the Advrtms.dat file in sys:bkupexec is not included. The Remote Agent cannot publish information to a media server. You must create the Advrtms.dat file in the sys:bkupexec directory on the NetWare server. Ensure that this file contains all names or IP addresses of the Backup Exec media servers that you want to back up the NetWare server.

Running BESTART at the NetWare server automatically loads Novell's SMDR.NLM component, which publishes the availability of the server for backups using the TCP/IP protocol. This protocol must be enabled on the network and in Backup Exec's Network and Security dialog box in order for the servers to be automatically added to the NetWare Agents list.

See Setting default backup network and security options.

If your network cannot run this protocol, you must manually add the NetWare server names to Backup Exec's server list.

See Setting default options for the Remote Agent for NetWare Systems .

To manually add a NetWare server to the Backup Exec User-defined Selections node, you must do one of the following:

To edit the Advrtms.dat file

  1. On the NetWare server that you want to back up, navigate to the Remote Agent for NetWare Systems installation directory.

  2. With a text editor, open the Advrtms.dat file.

  3. Add the NetWare server's IP address.

  4. Save the Advrtms.dat file.

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