Creating a synthetic backup by copying the example policy

Backup Exec provides example policies that contain standard settings for different tasks. The example policy for synthetic backup contains the standard settings and job templates that are required to run a synthetic backup. You can copy this example policy, rename it, and change the times when the templates are scheduled to run.

See Using an example policy.


In order for the example policy for a synthetic backup to be displayed, you must configure a backup-to-disk folder, and then re-create the example policies. The example policy for synthetic backup will be displayed in the Policies pane in the Job Setup view. The backup template that creates the incremental backup must have a backup-to-disk folder as the destination device.

You can view the synthetic backup policy example in the Job Setup view.

The example policy for synthetic backup contains the following templates:

The example policy displays the template rules that you can use to set the order in which the templates should run. All template rules are optional, but they can help you make sure that the templates run in the proper sequence.

In the example policy, a full backup template is included to act as the baseline. This template should be the first template to run, and it only needs to run once. The template that runs first is called Template A.

The following rules were added:

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