Using Snap Start on a Veritas Storage Foundation volume

You can use Snap Start to start a volume. Snap Starting a volume only needs to be done once. The Snap Start procedure can take a considerable amount of time because it creates a mirror.

If you are backing up SQL or Exchange databases on the Snap started volume, you must make your selections using the Backup Exec SQL or Exchange database agents. Do not select a database or log at the volume level.

To Snap Start a volume

  1. Start Veritas Enterprise Administrator.

  2. In the left pane, expand the Localhost object.

  3. Under the Localhost object, expand the Volumes object, and then right-click the volume to Snap Start.

  4. On the short cut menu, select Snap, and then select Snap Start.

  5. On the Snap Start Volume screen, select either Auto select disks or Manually select disks.

    Auto select disks enables Veritas Storage Foundation to make the disk selection for you, while Manually select disks enables you to make the selection.

  6. Click OK to begin the snap start of the volume.

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