What happens when CASO communication thresholds are reached

In a CASO environment, communications that occur between managed media servers and the central administration server can sometimes be disrupted even if network communications are normal. If job-related communication disruptions occur between a managed media server and the central administration server, the managed media server's communication status changes from Enabled to Stalled. The jobs waiting to be processed by the managed media server are held in the managed media server's job queue until the communications are restored.

You can set the amount of time that Backup Exec waits before changing the managed media server's status if it becomes unresponsive. The configuration settings use time thresholds that when exceeded, change the managed media server statuses that are reported to the central administration server. These statuses include Stalled and No Communication. When a managed media server's status changes to Stalled or No Communication, the central administration server changes how it handles current and future jobs delegated to the stalled managed media server.

For example, if communications from a managed media server are not received at the central administration server after the set amount of time, the central administration server changes the media server's communication status to Stalled. Job delegation to the managed media server is suspended as it continues to wait for the managed media server to return to an Enabled status. Jobs are delegated to other managed media servers that are represented in the destination device or media server pool.

CASO continues to monitor the amount of time during which no communications are received from the managed media server. After a set amount of time passes after a Stalled status appears, CASO changes the status of the managed media server to No Communication. CASO marks the jobs as Failed, and then begins job recovery by invoking the custom error handling rule Recovered Jobs for any job that is active at the time the No Communication status appears.

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