Maintaining the server

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Where does the server store its files?

Prior to version 2.21 the server stored all its files in the %programfiles%\BatPost folder by default. Since version 2.21 the programme files  are stored in the %programfiles%\BatPost folder, whereas the data files are saved in the %allusersprofile%\Application Data\BatPost folder. Such division has been done in order to make the server compatible with Window Vista.

For compatibility with the previous versions of the server it checks the location of the Server.ini file, if it is in the %programfiles%\BatPost folder, then it is presumed that the data files are also there. In case the file is not there, then it is presumed that the data files are stored under %allusersprofile%\Application Data\BatPost.

In the root of the server data structure the following files are available:

· Server.ini - containing the general server settings.
· GlobalAdmins - containing the list of global administrators. They have the right to remotely monitor and configure the server.

The following subfolders are stored there as well:

· Archive - the archive of messages can be stored here.
· DB - here is the server configuration stored, it comprises groups, domains, users, folders, messages, as well as the "black" and "white" lists.
· Drivers - the data access driver settings are stored here.
· Logs - here are the server operation logs stored.
· PEMs - server certificates can be stored here.
· Spool - this is the place for storing the server sending queue. It temporarily keeps messages (MSG-files) until they reach the needed base or are sent out to an external server. Also here the status of their sending off is stored (QUE-files).
· Stream - temporary files are stored here, they are too large to be kept in RAM.

The place for storing the message archive can be altered in the Configurator under "Options > Archive&Audit". The location of the logs, sending queue and streams can be changed in the Configurator under the "Options > Common" section.

Note. In order to change the location where the configuration settings are stored it is not enough to only alter the settings under the "Options > Common" section. It is also necessary to manually change the RootDir parameter in the \Drivers\DefDrv.ini file in the Common section.

To change the location of the certificate database go to "Options > Security".


How do I move the server to another computer?

Owing to the fact that the server stores all its settings in form of files on the disk and does not make use of the Windows registry, moving the server from one PC to another is reduced to mere copying of files with settings.

First of all you have to install the server on the new PC. At the end of the installation process you can skip the server set up, because the server configuration will be replaced anyway. Then you have to transfer to the new place the Server.ini and GlobalAdmins files, as well as the contents of the DB, Drivers, Spool and PEMs  (if you have any certificates) folders. If needed, the contents of the rest of the folders can also be transferred.

After that you have to manually launch the server to make sure the transfer of the server has been completed successfully.


What is the correct procedure of updating the server to a newer version?

To accomplish that it is necessary to close the Configurator and Monitor (if launched). After that install the new version. At the end of the installation process you will be notified that the server is already configured and prompted to make changes, the latter can be canceled.