How to upgrade to the newest version


AuditPro is fully compatible with all older versions in following areas:

1. All data from the workstations (SCN, MON files) are compatible from older versions, however it is recommended always to use the latest version and build of AuditPro.

2. When installing new versions, automatic migration of the database (tables, procedures) to the newer version is possible.


Migration steps:

1. backup all files in the Program Files/AuditPro folder (EXE, SCN, INI files, templates etc.)


b) SCN files archive - SCN folder which contains imported files (SCN files are stored in Program Files\AuditPro\SCN\[dateof audit] folder in format computername.001 and can be re-imported if you move and rename them back to SCN folder.)

c) MON files archive - MON.BAK folder which contains imported MON files


2. backup the AuditPro database


b) to backup SQL 2000 database use SQL enterprise manageru

c) to backup SQL 2005 or 2008 use SQL Server Management Studio

d) to backup free edition (MSDE 2000 or SQL 2005 Express) use SQL Server Management Studio Express available from AuditPro installation CD or


3. uninstall the old AuditPro version

a) uninstall it on all computers where previously installed


c) all shared folders are recommended to locate outside the Program Files/AuditPro (e.g. D:\AuditPro_Data\SCN a D:\AuditPro_Data\INI)


4. install the latest version AuditPro version and build

a) the installer is available from



5. upgrade the database

a) run AuditPro under database administrator (permissions to add tables, columns, procedures, triggers, views, indexes)

b) verify that at upgrade time no other users are connected to the database (AuditPro will open a window containing a list of current database connections)

c) the next step is upgrade procedure, which takes approx. 1 minute


6. upgrade all clients (Scan.exe)

a) use AuditPro console

b) use online scheduler

c) use logon script. See Program Files\AuditPro\SCN\Scan_Readme.txt (re-install from Logon-Script)