Asset Management Module


The „Asset Management” module offers a very flexible way of registering your assets. It does not replace asset tracking for general accounting purposes. It portrays currently active assets (for example buildings, computers, telephones, or cameras) including simple processes (operations) being made on them. The administrator defines the categories of objects (by setting up the features) while objects may be both tangible and abstract (for example a folder).

Several types of object features are offered (number/text/date/list/file). Assets are displayed either in a tree structure or independently of other objects. Each object may be assigned to one or more users (person in charge/owner/on loan). Objects may be mutually associated by connections between each other. Basic operations - processes can be performed with the objects (In stock, repair, out, relocation, etc.).

Customizing assets structure:

Recording Assets summary overview of the company’s assets:


The right hand part contains sub-windThe right hand part contains sub-windows with information on each individual object:

The „Users” window offers an overview of the assets assigned to individual users