To use ADTD, launch ADTD.exe. When executed for the first-time, ADTD is initialized to default settings. Subsequent executions will preload settings saved from the prior execution. These preferences are stored in the registry, on a per-user basis, in the following key:

HKCU\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\ADTD\Settings

Enter the desired settings, guided by the descriptions below. When ready to draw, click the Discoverbutton. ADTD will then open the connection to the defined Active Directory Domain Controller to read some basic information about the Active Directory Forest to discover. If necessary, ADTD will prompt you for Username and Password.

After entering your desired settings click the Drawbutton. ADTD will then open again the connection to the active directory, launch Visio, and begin drawing the topology.

Note: This is a process that cannot be interrupted. Control returns to ADTD when it has completed the drawing. At that time a confirmation dialog will be presented, where the remaining option will be to exit ADTD.

ADTD also offers the Option to update previously with ADTD created Visio drawings. Unfortunately only drawings created with ADTD Version 1.7 or higher can be updated (and of course they need to be from the same forest).

Note: ADTD currently does not delete any Objects which do no longer exist. The current version can just add newly created objects to the drawing.