Replication Error Guide

Replication Error Guide

The Replication Error Guide lists all detailed error messages which were returned during the last sync. 


The Screen consists of a top and a bottom pane. Each partition for which the ErrorCode was returned during the last sync is listed in the bottom pane.

Detected Errors Summary
Top Pane

  • Error Code
    • Displays the Error Code returned in the Last Sync Result
  • Message
    • Displays the detailed information that goes with the returned Error Code.
    • Can be viewed by typing in a command prompt, "Net Helpmsg <ErrorCode>"
  • TechNet Article Link
Bottom Pane
  • Dest DC 
    • FQDN of the Destination DC affected by the error.
  • Dest DC Domain
    • DNS name of the domain the Destination DC is member of.
  • Dest DC Site
    • Site the Destination DC belongs to.
  • Source DC
    • Source DC for which the error was logged
  • Source DC Domain
    • DNS name of the domain the Source DC belongs to.
  • Source DC Site
    • Site Name of where the Source DC resides.
  • Naming Context 
    • Distinguished Name of the Naming Context for which the error was logged.


Replication Error Guide Extra Options
View TechNet Articles regarding detected Errors


Many replication errors are documented on TechNet. See the Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication Problems page for a list of errors that are currently documented. Note that not all replication errors that can occur are currently documented. Microsoft is continually documenting additional errors that occur most frequently in AD Forests. 

From the Replication Error Guide screen you can directly go to the TechNet article listed in the WebLink column by clicking the Error Code numbered tabs in the Replication Error Guide if a replication error was detected. This option requires the AD Replication Status Tool machine to have Internet access.

The screenshot below displays the TechNet article regarding Replication error 1256.



Dock/Undock Replication Error Guide



The Replication Status Error Guide can be undocked from the main tool to allow it to operate as a separate window. This is accomplished by clicking Dock/Undock Replication Error Guide from the Views group on the Home tab.

This feature allows you to review the Errors and other screens in the tool at the same time.