Directory Services

Quick List for Visual Basic .NET Code Examples

This topic contains links to all Visual Basic .NET code examples contained in the System.Directory Services Using guide.

Link Description
Adding directory objects Using the Add method to add child objects.
Binding Strings Using DirectoryEntry to bind to objects.
Navigating to the Child Object Using the Children property to bind to child objects.
Navigating to the Parent Object Using theParent property to bind to parent objects.
Properties: Reading properties on directory objects Using the Properties collection to read object properties.
Properties: Reading properties with multiple values Using the Values property to read property values.
Properties: Setting properties on directory objects Using the Setting properties with the Add method and Value property.
Properties: Setting properties with multiple values Using theAddRange, and Insert methods.
Searching: Referral chasing Using the ReferralChasing property.
Searching: Retrieving search results Using SearchResult and SearchResultCollection to retrieve search results.
Searching: Searching the directory Using DirectorySearcher with the FindAll method to search the directory.
Searching: Setting search filters Using the Filter property to set a search filter.
Verifying directory objects Using the Existsmethod to verify that a directory object exists in the directory.