Directory Services

Steps for Using LDAP VLV

The following list shows that steps to take when adding a VLV search to your application. These steps are demonstrated in Example Code for Using LDAP VLV.

  1. Bind to the server that you want to perform the search on using ldap_bind or ldap_bind_s.
  2. Set the members for LDAPVLVInfo and create the control using ldap_create_vlv_control.
  3. Create a sort control using ldap_create_sort_control and add it to an array with the VLV control.
  4. Perform a search on the server using ldap_search_ext_s or ldap_search_ext.
  5. Parse the results from the server using ldap_parse_result, then parse the vlv results received from the response control (LDAP_CONTROL_VLVRESPONSE) using ldap_parse_vlv_control.
  6. Free the control using ldap_control_free.