Directory Services

Searching a Directory

The following code example retrieves the first 500 objects in the LDAP directory, and their associated names, descriptions, and creation date attribute values.

<se:Envelope xmlns:se="">
   <se:Body xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:DSML:2:0:core">
		 <searchRequest dn="dc=fabrikam,dc=com" scope="wholeSubtree" derefAliases="neverDerefAliases" sizeLimit="500">
			 <present name="objectclass"/>
			 <attribute name="name"/>
			 <attribute name="description"/>
			 <attribute name="whenCreated"/>

The <se:Envelope> and <se:Body> SOAP elements enclose the DSML payload. The first element of the DSML payload, <batchRequest>, is the mandatory top-level element for all DSML V2 requests. The <searchRequest> element retrieves the directory objects and the <attribute> elements specify which directory attribute values to return with each associated directory object.

For more information, see Transmitting and Receiving SOAP-DSML Messages.