Directory Services

WinNT Object Class Hierarchy

The WinNT object class hierarchy starts from the Namespace object.

Object Class Description
Namespace Top-level object container.
    Domain The Windows NT domain.
        User User account.
        Group Group account for managing access rights.
            UserGroupCollection A set of user groups implementing IADsMember.
            GroupCollection A set of other groups implementing IADsMember.
    Computer Windows NT 4.0 server or workstation.
        PrintJob Print job in the print queue.
            PrintJobsCollection A set of print jobs.
        PrintQueue Print queue on a printer spooler.
        Service Application running as a service.
            FileService Services accessing file system.
                FileShare File share point.
                Resource A resource in the service.
                Session An active file service connection.
        User Local user account.
        Group Local group.
            UserCollection Collection of local users.
            GroupCollection Collection of local groups.
    Schema WinNT Schema container.
        Class Schema class definition.
        Property Schema attribute definition.
        Syntax Syntax of a property.