Directory Services

NWCOMPAT Example Code

If not logged on to the NetWare server, use the net use command to log on before using any ADSI NWCOMPAT services. The following is an example.

net use \\nwserver /U:mydom\jeffsmith

This is required because IADsOpenDSObject::OpenDSObject is not supported in the current release of the NWCOMPAT provider.

This example enumerates the various ADSI objects of an NWCOMPAT server.

[Visual Basic]
servername = "ntmarst2"
adsPathName = "NWCOMPAT://" & serverName
Set cont = GetObject(adsPathName)
' Enumerate the server objects.
For Each obj In cont
	Debug.Print obj.Name & " (" & obj.Class & ")"

This example creates a new user with a username of "jeffsmith".

[Visual Basic]
adsPath = "NWCOMPAT://" & serverName
Set cont = GetObject(adsPath)
Set usr = cont.Create("user", "jeffsmith")

This example changes a particular user's full name to "Jeff Smith".

[Visual Basic]
objPath = "jeffsmith,user"
adsPath = "NWCOMPAT://" & serverName & "/" & objPath
Set usr = GetObject(adsPath)
usr.FullName = "Jeff Smith"

Searching is not supported in NWCOMPAT. You can, however, use the IADsContainer::put_Filter method to limit the type of object classes to be included in the enumeration.

[Visual Basic]
adsPath = "NWCOMPAT://" & serverName
Set con = GetObject(adsPath)
con.Filter = Array("user", "group") ' Show the user and group.
For Each acct In con
	Debug.Print acct.Name & " (" & acct.Class & ")"