Directory Services

Late Binding Support

When late binding support is in place, each function call must go through the ADSI IDispatch interface, before it is rerouted to the appropriate extension. Consider the following code example.

Set x = GetObject("LDAP://CN=JeffSmith, OU=Sales, 
x.MyNewMethod( "\\srv\public")
x.MyProperty = "Hello World"
x.OtherProperty = 4362
Debug.Print x.LastName

There are no explicit calls to the QueryInterface method to get to the extensions. The extensions must reroute their IDispatch calls to the ADSI IDispatch interface. ADSI makes the decision and resolves any conflicts that occur, then it re-routes back to the appropriate extension using an interface called IADsExtension. Therefore, any extension that supports late binding must implement IADsExtension.