Directory Services

Obtaining an Object Identifier from Microsoft

Object Identifiers (OIDs) can be obtained from, and registered with Microsoft by going to the following URL:

Click "please register now" on the Registration page, read the instructions, and then fill in the form for registering your OID. If you want Microsoft to generate the OID for you, leave the entry blank that on the form.

If you intend to extend the Microsoft® Active Directory® directory service schema and wish to apply for the Certified for Windows logo, register your OID with Microsoft.

If a base OID is obtained, be careful in designing how the OIDs should be divided into categories, because these OIDs are contained in the prefix table and are part of the DC replication data. It is recommended that no more than two OID categories be created.

For example, if assigned the base OID of 1.2.840.113556.1.6.1, you might create categories as follows.

OID Base Value Description
1.2.840.113556. Application Attributes
1.2.840.113556. Application Classes