Directory Services

Messages Communicated through User Interfaces

Common Query Page Messages

The following messages are sent to a directory service query form extension page in the CQPageProc callback function:

Miscellaneous Messages

The following table lists messages that a directory service can send.

Message Value Description
DSPROP_ATTRCHANGED_MSG "DsPropAttrChanged" A message sent for synchronizing property pages and the directory service administration tools, declared in Dsclient.h.
DSQPM_GETCLASSLIST CQPM_HANDLERSPECIFIC+0 A page message sent to the form pages for retrieving a list of classes for query, used by the field selector and property well to build its list of display classes. wParam = flags and lParam = LPLPDSQUERYCLASSLIST, declared in Dsquery.h.
DSQPM_HELPTOPICS (CQPM_HANDLERSPECIFIC+1) A page message sent to the form pages for handling the "Help Topics" request. wParam = 0, lParam = hWndParent, declared in Dsquery.h.