Directory Services


The IDsAdminNewObjExt::GetSummaryInfo method obtains a string that contains a summary of the data gathered by the new object wizard extension page. This string is displayed in the wizard Finish page.

HRESULT GetSummaryInfo( 
  BSTR* pBstrText


[out] Pointer to a BSTR value that receives the summary text. To allocate this value, call SysAllocString. The caller must free this memory by calling SysFreeString.

Return Values

If the method is successful, S_OK is returned. If the method fails, an OLE-defined error code is returned. If the extension does not provide a summary string, this method should return E_NOTIMPL.


Support of this method is optional. If the extension does not supply summary information, it should return E_NOTIMPL from this method.


Client: Included in Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional.
Server: Included in Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server.
Header: Declared in Dsadmin.h.

See Also

IDsAdminNewObjExt, SysAllocString, SysFreeString