Directory Services

Example Code for Removing a Member from a Group

The following code example contains a function that removes a member from a group.

/*  RemoveMemberFromGroup()   -	 Removes the passed directory object from the membership of passed group
		IADsGroup * pGroup	 - Group to remove the member from
		IADs* pIADsNewMember	 - Object to remove.
								 Object can be a user, contact, or group.
HRESULT RemoveMemberFromGroup(IADsGroup * pGroup, IADs* pIADsNewMember)
	if ((!pGroup)||(!pIADsNewMember))
		return hr;
	// Use the IADs::get_ADsPath() member to get the ADsPath
	// When the ADsPath string is returned, all that is required to
	// remove the member from the group, is to call the 
	// IADsGroup::Remove() method, passing in the ADsPath string.
	// Query the member for its AdsPath
	// This is a fully-qualified LDAP path to the object to remove.
	BSTR bsNewMemberPath;
	hr = pIADsNewMember->get_ADsPath(&bsNewMemberPath); 
	if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
		// Use the IADsGroup interface to remove the member.
		// Pass the LDAP path to the 
		// member to the IADsGroup::Remove() method
		hr = pGroup->Remove(bsNewMemberPath);
		// Free the string returned from IADs::get_ADsPath()
	return hr;