Directory Services

Creating an External Referral

If an external crossRef object is created and a domain controller uses it to generate a referral, the crossRef object provides two important data elements in the following properties. For more information about situations where this can occur, see the previous section.

Property Description
dnsRoot Specifies the server or domain that can serve data from the naming context specified in nCName.
nCName Specifies the distinguished name for the domain, schema, or configuration container rooted at the server or domain specified by dnsRoot.

For example, if the server with DNS address of serves the naming context rooted at CN=MyContainer,OU=MyDOM,O=Fabrikam, set the dnsRoot to that server's DNS address and the nCName to the distinguished name of the domain, schema, or configuration container.

For more information and a code example that shows how to create an external referral, see Example Code for Creating an External crossRef Object.