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A single step of a Design Test in Test Plan module.


  Column Name Description Datatype Length Allow
Primary Key  DS_ID The record ID. Integer 4  
  DS_TEST_ID The TEST.TS_TEST_ID of the test to which the step belongs. Integer 4  
  DS_STEP_ORDER The order in which the step appears within the test in the user interface. Integer 4
  DS_STEP_NAME The name assigned to the step by the test developer. VarChar 255
  DS_DESCRIPTION The design step description. LongVarChar 16
  DS_EXPECTED The expected result string. LongVarChar 16
  DS_USER_01 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  DS_USER_02 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  DS_USER_03 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  DS_USER_04 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  DS_USER_05 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  DS_USER_06 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  DS_ATTACHMENT Indicates whether the design step has any attachments: Y or N. VarChar 1
  DS_LINK_TEST If the design step is an instruction to run another test, the ID of the test to be run. Integer 4
  DS_HAS_PARAMS Indicates whether this design step has STEP_PARAMSassociated with it: Y or N. VarChar 1
  DS_TEXT_SYNC For internal use. Do not change data. VarChar 1


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