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The test set folder tree.


  Column Name Description Datatype Length Allow
Primary Key  CF_ITEM_ID The record ID. Integer 4  
  CF_ITEM_NAME The folder name. VarChar 255
  CF_ITEM_PATH Root folders paths are AAAAA to ZZZZZ. Child folders are numbered AAA to ZZZ where the child numeration is concatenated at the end of the parent path. VarChar 255  
  CF_FATHER_ID The CF_ITEM_ID of the folder containing this item. Root folders have CF_FATHER_ID = 0. Integer 4
  CF_VIEW_ORDER The order in which the folder appears among other children of the same parent folder.  Integer 4
  CF_WORKFLOW For backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version. LongVarChar 16
  CF_ATTACHMENT A value of Y indicates that the folder has at least one attachment. VarChar 1
  CF_VER_STAMP The revision number of this record. Increments each time the record is updated. Integer 4
  CF_VTS The version time stamp. The time the record was last changed according the the database server clock. VarChar 20
  CF_DESCR A description of the folder. LongVarChar 16
  CF_NO_OF_SONS The number of direct child nodes, not including children of those child nodes. Integer 4
  CF_ASSIGN_RCYC The RELEASE_CYCLES.RCYC_ID of the release cycle with which the folder is associated. Integer 4


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