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  Column Name Description Datatype Length Allow
  CR_ENTITY The name of the table containing the item to which the file or URL is attached. VarChar 30  
  CR_KEY_1 The string representation of the key in the table specified in CR_ENTITY. The key can be the ID field or a compound key. If a compound key, the values of the key fields are separated by a tilde (~).  VarChar 40  
Primary Key  CR_REF_ID The record ID. Integer 4  
  CR_REFERENCE The file name or URL. If a file, CR_REFERENCE is CR_ENTITY + CR_KEY_1 + the name of the original uploaded file. VarChar 255
  CR_REF_TYPE The type of attachment: either File or Internet Web Address. VarChar 20
  CR_REF_SUBTYPE This property is used only in Quality Center 9.2. It's use will be discontinued in later versions.

A value of enum TDAPI_ATTACH_SUBTYPE. For example, 1 indicates rich content. For all possible values, see the API reference.

Integer 4  
  CR_DESCRIPTION A description of the attachment. LongVarChar 16
  CR_VC_CUR_VER For backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version.  VarChar 50


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