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Customization Module Overview


The Customization Module

The Customization module handles meta-properties for a project. For example, it handles settings that affect individual users, groups of users, and user and group access rights.

Customization Tables

Table Description
ACTIONS table Permissions on user actions performed from the user interface.
ALL_LISTS table System and custom lists and folder trees.
COMMON_SETTINGS table User settings and third party data.
DATACONST table Global project constants.
EXTENSIONS table The Quality Center extensions that are enabled for this project.
GROUPS table Groups of users with a common set of privileges.
HOSTS table Computers on the network.
HOST_GROUP table Logical groups of computers.
MAILCOND table Rules for sending defect notifications to individual users.
RBT_CUSTOMIZATION table Risk-based quality management settings.
RBT_CUSTOMIZATION_ANSWERS table Possible values for risk-based quality management criteria.
RBT_CUSTOMIZATION_QUESTIONS table Risk-based quality management criteria.
REQ_TYPE table Types of requirements.
REQ_TYPE_FIELD table Specifies which fields are required for each requirement type.
RULES table Conditions for generating automatic alerts.
SYSTEM_FIELD table Meta-data about data fields in other tables. Stores settings from project entity customizations and system defaults.
USERS table System users who can access this project.

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